Poker Tips

Online poker might seem easier than if played at a land-based casino, since there’s less intimidation from other players, less pressure because of the betting system, and you may think it’s easier to keep control of your hand while playing online.


Easy-to-learn online poker tips

Even though all these issues have a an element of truth, players should know that the pressure of the game is still the same even if you’re playing online; and you may find your game going down the drain if you don’t master the basics of Poker and its variants. The rules that apply for land-based poker, can also be used in online poker tips and strategies work just the same.

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Casino poker tips for beginners

The good thing is Poker’s basic rules are really easy to grasp, attracting people from all walks of life, and while you must learn poker tips to make the best hand.

Some of the tips indicate there’s no need to play every hand, you must also learn when to be an aggressive player but also when to pull back and fold.

Every player will get 2 poker cards. Some cards will be left in the middle of the table, called community cards. Players should make the best possible hands, learn as many tips and tricks, and start making bets.

While playing among friends can get you started on this game, playing online by yourself can also be of great use, especially if you want to learn fast some simple tips.

To get the game going, first players have to put some money on the table. Some well-known poker tips for beginners indicate that players should start betting low, and increase a little with each new bet.

Online poker tournament tips

Much controversy has been given to online poker tournaments, first of all because of security reasons. Controlling the online platform, scanning for possible alliances between the players, and making sure that there aren’t security breaches is a hard job for any casino. Some casinos have even launched webpages with tips for poker online, especially to prevent players from betting on fake sites.

Online casinos must have access to the hands dealt by a player, check their historical record on that site, and even checking the players’ IP address, ensuring that two or more players aren’t on an open proxy on the same table.

Additionally, online casinos must protect themselves from employees taking advantage of their position and betting online (an online casino employee will be able to check the players’ hands and know when and how to bet to win the game).

Nevertheless, and despite the downside of it, online poker tournaments are on the rise (and also websites filled with live poker tips); sometimes it might even seem that they’re taking over the land-based casinos’ tournaments. Especially in countries like Norway, where poker isn’t a legal activity, and professional players had to migrate to the online platform to keep on competing.
Some of our basic online tournament poker tips include:

1st Tip: It’s cheaper so take advantage of getting into as many tournaments as you can! One of the most common online poker betting tips is to get into online tournaments; they’re way (way) cheaper than playing on a brick-and-mortar casino, and you’ll be able to practice every move and strategy just like in a brick-and-mortar site.

2nd Tip: know when to play aggressively and when to back off! Bet, raise, re-raise and control yourself. Don’t think that because the entry fee is cheaper, then you can spend freely and bet at all times. Think wise and foresee your opponent’s movements. Start with a low bet, and keep on increasing from there. Some advanced poker tips encourage players to start with an aggressive bet, but we don’t really recommend that.

3rd tip: learn the maths and use them! Having a strategy and developing your skills are the top online poker tips from pros. This is a game of luck and skill; if you master the game rules then luck will come sooner than later. Choose the best hand and beat your opponents from the first bet.

4th tip: don’t get intimidated! Yes we know, when playing online is kind of hard to be intimidated. One of the most basic beginner poker tips is to stay focus, deep breath and concentrate on your moves. When playing at a tournament, the chances of being influenced can increase, especially if you start increasing your bet.

As a final consideration, while new players might be eager to learn the most practical poker tips for cash games, and getting as much money as possible, the truth is it takes a lot of practice and skills to beat players in a competition. Even if it isn’t a tournament, every poker game requires different tactics; learning a few pro poker tips can help, it takes daily practice and consistency to become a professional poker player.

Advanced poker tips from pros

You’ll find hundreds and perhaps thousands of online interviews, all claiming to have the best tips for playing poker online; however it’s good to be careful and be reasonable on which hand to play and how much to bet.

The highest possible hand of all hands is the Royal Flush. If you’re an advanced poker player, then this is the hand you should be going after. This is the highest possible Straight Flush combination (a sequence of 10, J, Q, K and A from the same suit), get this little baby, and the game is yours!
The Straight Flush and the Royal Flush are perhaps the most expert poker playing tips. However, since there are many variants of poker, every hand counts at the end of the game.

The best tip you’re ever going to get is intimidation. Make your opponent think you’ve got the bull by the horns, that you know exactly what you’re doing, and that you even know what he/she has. Don’t bet all your money at once either, but push them long enough to make them think they might lose this one quite easily.

Regardless of it’s an online or land-based casino, poker tips can be used anywhere, it’ll just depend on how you want to beat your opponent.

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