Poker Strategy

Much has been written about Poker, not to mention the number of movies where Poker is featured as the main element or at least as one of the core topics a movie is about. However, mastering poker can take you a lifetime, and a lot of money in the process, if you don’t at least know the basics and are able to get away with a few tricks without being caught by any casino.

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Basic poker strategy

We’re not saying we’re disclosing any confidential information, but rather how to make every move count. Since there are some many variants of Poker, is good to start with the strategies that may apply to most of them, and then go into details with every variant.

Advanced poker strategy tips

best-poker-strategy-that-workThe first poker basic strategy for advanced punters is to play as if you could see your opponents’ cards. Plain and simple. Make your numbers, check your game, and do your best to make your opponents nervous and insecure of their card games.

The old saying of ‘show me your Poker face’ can be seen as the second key to winning in this game. If you even let the other players see a hint of insecurity in you, they’ll eat you alive before dinner. Grab the basic on poker strategies for beginners to get good hands and control your game.

Third and most important winning poker strategy is to check the ratio of the size of the pot compared the bet required to stay on the game, i.e. if the final pot is worth US$60 and the minimum bet to play is of US$ 10, then the ratio is 6-1. This is known as the Pot Odd and is of crucial importance, otherwise you might get stuck betting and betting, and at the end, even if you win, you won’t even be able to recover your initial investment.

Nevertheless, no pot stays the same throughout the game, meaning it will consequently grow according to the number of bets, calls, raises and re-raises made during the game. In that case it’s good to imply the ratio of the pot by the end of the game. This is known as the Implied Odds of the game and is one of the most advanced poker strategies, especially during multi-way bets.

As for the most advance techniques, players need to master both their hands but also their bets. Knowing how to play your cards, your Flush Draws, OESDs, Backdoor Draws, Gutshots and Overcards is as important as knowing when to call a bet, when to raise, when to fold or to cap.
If you need to check the different hands on a regular poker game, please refer to our ‘Casino Poker Betting Strategy’ section below.

Online poker tournament strategy

Regular Poker and its variants are all found online. If you’re a newbie then perhaps you’ll need to master the basics on online poker tournament strategy before stepping on a more professional level.
A good land-based poker strategy can equally be a good online poker strategy, except for the fact that intimidation won’t work in the virtual world. Learning the basic hands will help you beat any online player, including:

Texas Hold ‘Em: Perhaps the most famous and most played form of Poker found on land-based and online casinos. Play this variant if you’ve got the best poker strategy. Whenever a player wants to start playing Poker, Texas Hold’Em is the way to go. Each player will get 2 cards, and the dealer will lay 5 cards on the board, one by one; per each card laid players can raise, bet, call, re-raise or fold. By the 5th card laid, players must have a winning hand, otherwise your intimidation techniques better be good. A good poker face is always the best live poker strategy.

Razz: Can be either played by professional or newbies, since the goal of the game is to get the lowest five-card hand from the 7 cards dealt. Though it may sound easy, and can played with just a few tips, the catch comes in trying to get the lowest cards when the game is played by many people (the dealer may run out of cards and you won’t have that any choices left).

Draw poker: May be more attractive to new players, since all players are dealt a full hand since the very start of the game, and they can replace or draw cards afterwards during the game. A basic poker strategy guideline applies: no player can win the pot with less than 3 of a kind.

Omaha hold ’em: Known as a simple version of the Texas Hold’Em Poker, Omaha Hold’Em is played with 4 pocket cards and can be played with a basic poker tournament strategy. After the 1st round is made, 3 cards (community cards) are laid on the board. A new community card will be laid on the board with each new bet until the 3rd bet is made. Community cards can be taken by any player to complete their hand, and player can call, bet, raise or fold on every bet.
Other variants are also common in some countries, though they may all have a similar strategy, such as the likes of Seven-Card Stud (though mostly played in the US), Stud Poker, etc…

Casino poker betting strategy

Let’s start with the made hands for Poker. In case you’re a newbie or just playing Poker for fun, then these rules will come in ‘handy’. If playing in the virtual world, then the best strategy is to know your hands:

Straight: Good as a strategy, it consists of 5 cards in numerical order, regardless of the suit they belong.

Set: This can be the basic poker strategy for beginners. Get a hand of 2 hole cards plus one community card.

Two Pair: Get 2 cards with the same rank, 2 cards from a different rank, and a side card.

Full House: Get a full house with 3 cards of equal rank and 2 of a different suit but with a matching rank.

Four of a Kind: (A tough one, perhaps as an advanced poker strategy) get 4 cards with equal rank, and an extra side card or kicker.

Straight Flush: Known as one of the best poker strategies to beat your opponents. Get 5 cards in numerical order from the same suit.

Three of a Kind: Get 3 cards with equal rank, and 2 extra side cards or kickers.
Regardless of where you decide to play, the tips below are all good to go as well for tips and strategy. However, if you’re playing at a casino site that barely has one type of Poker, then you better move to the next one till you find the best variants.

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